What is Pilates?

Pilates is a mind-body practice which focuses on aligning the body from the center outward and teaches balance, postural control, healthy fitness practices and moving with grace. Classes are generally experienced on Pilates equipment and on the mat with props used for assistance. The Pilates method is a philosophy which strives to create balance in many ways by developing a strong abdominal center which integrates with the breath, muscles and body posture.

Joseph Pilates - the originator of the Pilates method and associated equipment -  refined his technique after World War I in New York, by collaborating with dancers, gymnasts, bodybuilders, and war veterans. He studied breath, anatomy, yoga, and animal movements. He is one of  the early pioneers to develop a movement technique which is a combination of fitness and physical rehabilitation. He believed that mindful movement, a strong abdominal center, and breath was key to the well-being and happiness of every person.

His ideas were ahead of his time, as his methods were developed as a means to combat the strains of technology on our bodies and today this has only become increasingly more important.

 These days Pilates is widely practiced throughout the world and has been updated with our latest understandings in the sciences of the human body.


 Sofia's Pilates Teaching Style

In 2007 Sofia completed Marie-Jose Bloom's 500-hour Pilates certification program at Long Beach Dance Conditioning. Over the years she has updated her teaching knowledge with continuing education in human anatomy, applied kinesiology, dance, psychology, human physiology, somatic movement practices, yoga and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). She brings all this knowledge to her classes which is a mix of the Pilates method and the many other movement practices she has studied.

Her Pilates classes focus on developing safe movement practices that can be applied to everyday life and to one’s fitness routine. If you are rehabilitating from an injury, looking to develop a new fitness practice or are a dancer/athlete looking to cross-train, Sofia can apply the Pilates methods to your goals and enhance your life.

 Classes are physically challenging but safe and flow through a range of movement to approach the body holistically.

Sofia has been called an anatomy nerd for her strong passion to share what she has learned about the body and human movement. She teaches from an embodied viewpoint as she herself as a very active movement practice.