Los Angeles

One-on-one & group classes

What is class like with Sofia?

Dedicated to the personal growth of each person I guide students towards being explores of their own bodies and strive to teach each person to get to know themselves both inside and out. Depending on your needs a one-on-one session with me will be tailored to your fitness and/or therapy needs. We will work on creating a program that is appropriate for your movement needs in you daily life. Classes will be a mix of Pilates, Yoga and other mind-body movement practices that I have studied, as this allows me to create a very personalized curriculum of movement for your needs.


Pilates classes will be on both the mat and equipment. We will strengthen your postural support system which will in turn allow you to make smart healthy movement decisions in your daily life and fitness routine.


Yoga sessions are experienced with props and depending on your needs will include functional alignment and mindfulness practices. If you are dealing with a yoga related injury we can workshop solutions to prevent further injury and clarify the physical postures so that you can take yoga classes without harm.





The Moving Joint Studio

Sofia is available for one-on-one sessions and group classes at this location.

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays

Located in Mar Vista just south of Santa Monica this lovely studio has all the state of the art Pilates equipment. Here, I teach weekly one-on-one sessions and group Pilates reformer classes. I also teach a modern contemporary dance class on Thursday nights.

Contact me to book a one-on-one session with me at the Moving Joint Location. 

To sign up for a group class contact The Moving Joint directly. 

Group Schedule


8:30am Pilates Reformer level 1/2

9:30am Pilates Reformer level 1/2


8:30am Pilates Reformer level 1/2

9:30am Pilates Reformer level 1/2


4:30pm Pilates Reformer level 2/3

6:30pm-8pm Mixed Level Contemporary Modern Dance

(All Pilates classes are 55 minutes)


Downtown LA

The Tree House Studio

Sofia is available for one-on-one sessions at this location

Tuesdays &  Fridays

Situated in the heart of downtown LA the tree house studio is a private loft space equipped with a balanced body reformer, a stott pilates floor tower and space for group Pilates mat & Yoga classes.

(All Pilates Classes are 55 minutes unless you specially book an 85 minute session)